"I enjoyed the wide cultural variety. You have a special place in the radio world by raising awareness of music from all over our world. I applaud you for that.”

- C.K. Ohio, USA 

"the music transmitted was very beautiful”

C. T. , Milan, Italy  

"It is always good to hear something a little different on shortwave”

- A. D. Padiham, England 


Calling all tribes to unite in peace,  ATR presents an eclectic, sometimes quirky blend of world beat, trip hop, vintage radio clips, jazz, funk, and rock music along with spoken word offerings gleaned from both the Public Domain and the Creative Commons. 

Además, nuestro programa en español, Radio Todas Las Tribus de Nosara, Costa Rica, presenta conocimientos e información sobre esta comunidad internacional única y sobre Costa Rica en general, junto con música de América Latina.